Cerames has already prepared a magazine for accepting a large number of new handicrafts from Mexico. In addition to well-known bestsellers, such as hand-painted countertop sinks or Mexican patchwork, this time we also welcome complete novelties.
For connoisseurs, La Catrina appears in our offer - a Mexican death personified as a skeleton of a woman from the upper classes. Talavera ceramic tiles with the La Catrina motif will be available individually or in sets.

In addition to the well known flat ceramic tiles, we are waiting for an absolute novelty - Mexican tiles with a relief. Ceramic tiles with relief require the craftsman of great skill and skill. Thick paint, used to paint patterns, freezes forming a convexity. The production of relief tiles is not fast or easy, but the result is spectacular. Hand-painted tiles with a structural pattern play with light, giving a 3D effect. The highlight emphasizes the convexity, the richness of the colors and the richness of the designs.

We are waiting impatiently for the completion of our inventory with new ceramic sinks from Mexico. As usual, we will come to us, for example, the best-selling La Reina sinks in various shapes and sizes. We know how popular the hand-painted patterns in black and white are, so there will be plenty of such models.
But in addition to the well-known models of Mexican sinks, we expect a complete novelty: We are waiting for 2 models of countertop sinks with relief!

Color lovers should not overlook our new boat sink:

Ceramic wall tiles, hand-made artistic bathroom and kitchen sinks are not all that Cerames brings from Mexico. Our clients can buy decorative items made in the Talavera technique, eg mirrors, with a frame inlaid with Mexican tiles, ceramic figures of Iguana and Frogs, flower pots.
In the last week of September, our magazine will fill with colors, Mexican handicrafts will make this fall hot!