About us

Cerames - Colors that awaken interiors

Cerames is the most beautiful home furnishings from the far corners of the world. We work with craftsmen from different countries and continents to offer you unique things. Hand-made wall tiles, sinks painted by artists, copper lamps and sinks produced in accordance with the Mexican tradition, multi-colored utility ceramics - this is only part of the offer that you will find here. We believe that happier people live in beautiful interiors, and that items made with passion emanate good energy.


It all started with Jan Toczyski's passion for travel. At the beginning of the 21st century, the owner of Cerames went to Mexico for the first time and let himself be seduced by its culture, cordiality of the inhabitants, extraordinary nature and art. He met craftsmen who cultivate the tradition of Mexican ceramics in small family studios. On the basis of this trip and the friendships made during it, the first store called Colors of Mexico was created. With time and experience gained, the offer was gradually expanded to include Moroccan sinks and tiles (Colours of Morocco), fittings matching the sanitary facilities sold (Armatura Retro), as well as practical handicrafts of Polish artists (Florisa). Cerames was created as a combination of all the above-mentioned stores and presents an assortment from partners from around the world under one brand.

Our mission and values

Cerames is more than a shop, we create a bridge connecting craftsmen of different cultures with customers around the globe. Here you will find real and original design from different corners of the world. We sell interior design articles created by exceptional people for exceptional people. We perfectly understand the desire to escape from the common unification of products, which is why our range allows you to create unique and unrepeatable interiors. Building a network of partners for years, we care not only about the high quality of products, but also about good relations and business in the spirit of fair trade. Our suppliers are friends, not just business partners. In order to offer things that meet the requirements of the most sublime tastes, we put all our knowledge and heart into creating the collection. We follow the latest trends in interior design, and then confront and combine them with what other cultures and traditions offer. Years of experience on the market allow us to say that regardless of the dominant style of the interior, our products help make it truly unique.

Our team

Cerames is us. We are a small but well-coordinated team of people who share a passion for beautiful things and the ambition to fulfill the wishes of demanding customers. You can get to know us during a visit to our showroom in Warsaw, or take advantage of professional advice by phone or e-mail.

Jan Toczyski

The owner and creator of the Cerames brand, a man who turned his love for Mexico into a professional activity. He combines openness to people and curiosity about the world with an analytical approach to business. Such a conglomerate of features helped to achieve success in trade with Mexico, Morocco and Turkey.

Weronika Kaczanowska

Team leader, B2B marketing manager, and sometimes leader - motivates and sets the direction of development. He supervises the implementation of projects, the flow of information and contacts with business partners. If your case goes beyond standard order handling, or you would like to start cooperation with Cerames, please contact Weronika.

Daniel Kopyciński

Computer whisperer, demiurge of sales platforms and the website of the Cerames store. In addition to ensuring the convenience and security of the technical side of your online shopping, Daniel takes care of selling through Amazon.

Zbigniew Zaremba

Specialist purchaser, takes care of stock levels and knows every item from our assortment in detail. He answers your questions on livechat. If you are looking for detailed information about cement tiles, fittings or things from Morocco, call Zbyszek.

Piotr Antosik

A customer care assistant, a specialist in ongoing order handling, the power of calmness and a wealth of knowledge. By calling or writing to Cerames with a general inquiry about products, you will probably talk to Piotrek. He will check the status of your order the fastest or help you choose products.

Mateusz Leszczyński

Meticulousness and analytical mind help Mateusz to finalize negotiations with even the most absent-minded artists from Mexico. Sale via Allegro and Ebay takes place under his watchful eye, so when asking about a product on these platforms you will probably be dealing with Mateusz.

Julietta Torbus

The artistic element of the team - graphic designer, photographer, a person with an exceptional aesthetic sense and sensitivity to art. Julietta is responsible for the visual side of our blog publications, posts in social media, and above all, the appropriate photo presentation of products from the Cerames offer.

Oleh Yakovenko

Master of packaging, shipments and organization of warehouse space. All products shipped from our warehouse pass through the hands of Oleh, who makes sure that your orders arrive as quickly as possible and in good condition.


Do you like our assortment, professed values and feel that you are the one missing in the Ceramesu team to make it fully complete?
Let yourself be known and send your CV to b2b@cerames.pl If there is a recruitment opportunity, we will contact you!