About us

From the very beginning we have focused on selecting a unique range of products, most of them handicrafts, and we emphasise our customer satisfaction in the service and ordering process. We know that for many customers it is important to be able to see the products live before purchase, so we invite you to our showroom in Warsaw. For customers for whom a visit to our showroom is not possible, we offer the possibility of returning or exchanging purchased goods. The necessary formalities have been minimised (it is not even necessary to give a reason for the return). We want our customers to be satisfied with their purchases with us, and not to be 'stuck' with a product that does not quite suit them.

We know how important it is to furnish a bathroom or kitchen interior that is beautiful, original and functional at the same time. We want to combine all these qualities, because our mission is:

To provide our customers with original and truly Moroccan and Mexican products for interior decoration and design.
We believe that our products will help you create an interior that you can enjoy every day and be proud to present to your family and friends.

Why us?

Here are the reasons why you should choose goods from our shop.

1. Original products

We are the only shop located in Poland offering such a wide range of original products from Morocco and Mexico. All of our products are handcrafted by artisans, making each one unique. All products are made according to centuries-old traditions, and the original design is the pride of Moroccan artists. Our products will give a unique atmosphere to any interior and surprise everyone with a fever of colours and patterns. These are not products that we want to sell to everyone, but only to those who can appreciate the originality of handicraft and the unique style of Moroccan craftsmanship.

2. Quality and safety of the products

All our goods are of the highest quality and come from selected factories. You will not find cheap imitations , or products that would be dangerous to your health.  The quality and durability of both ceramic and copper washbasins as well as decorative tiles are confirmed by European safety certificates and are CE marked. In the case of the washbasins, the resistance of the patterns to abrasion is a characteristic of Marrakech washbasins, due to the fact that the individual colours are contained in a thick layer of glazing and are not subject to fading, abrasion or discolouration. Our products are manufactured from 100% natural, health-safe raw materials. The paints used to paint the products are safe for health (lead-free paints), and copper has natural antibacterial properties.

3. Fast shipping

Our products are dispatched from our warehouse located in Poland no later than 24 hours after purchase confirmation. Unlike our competitors, with us you don't have to wait for sea shipment from Morocco or Mexico (and often even for the product to be manufactured), which in total can take over three months. Our products are ready to be dispatched, so 3 days after ordering you can already enjoy your chosen goods. In case of personal collection - you will receive the goods immediately (the warehouse is located in Warsaw).

4 Affordable prices

 The prices in our shop are very competitive even compared to the prices offered by shops shipping directly from Morocco and Mexico. Competitors' prices do not include the very high cost of shipping from Morocco and Mexico, customs duty and VAT charged during a possible customs search (more information: according to current legislation, customs duty is charged on goods whose customs value exceeds EUR 22. Customs duty is charged on the value of the shipment and the shipping cost, and VAT is charged on the sum of the value of the goods, the shipping cost and the customs duty).

5 Return option

We offer our customers the opportunity to return goods without stating a reason. We are aware that the interior design of a kitchen or bathroom is not a simple matter and a photo alone may not be enough to make a final decision, which is why we offer the option of an exchange or return within an agreed time limit.

6 Support

We will be happy to help you choose one of our co-operating interior designers who will help you arrange the interior according to your needs and financial possibilities. In addition, on the website we present photo galleries of Moroccan-style interiors that can inspire your designs.

We invite you to shop with us.
Jan Toczyski
Shop owner Cerames