Floor mosaics

Corsets, Pepitka, Oktagons - small tiles of granite coloured in the mass, laid on a grid according to individual customer's design. We offer mosaics in 12 basic colours. The tiles are made of material with very high parameters of abrasiveness, absorbability and durability.

The tile is made of high quality granite. Colours and arrangement of the tiles are agreed upon individually. The offer includes 12 colours


They say that your home is your castle – this may have been true for Queen Victoria but most of us live in houses that are rather more modest! Many British homes built from around 1860 (when these types of floors became popular for houses as well as palaces, churches, pubs and shops) may well have had a tiled front path, porch, entrance hall or kitchen....

The dogtooth pattern has a long, even quite exotic history (sources reach the Middle East), but the real flourishing and fame brought her the 1920s. Coco Chanel, and behind her the entire fashion world succumbed to the charm and exceptional elegance of pepitka. Since then pepitka has been associated with luxury, sophistication and classic elegance....

190,41 €

The corsets were established in the Netherlands at the end of the 20s of the twentieth century and conquered the landscape of Polish cities with the architecture of late functionalism. They became an unofficial symbol of pre-war Warsaw, Gdynia and Stalowa Wola. Today, having gained cult status, they triumphantly return to the wave of vintage fashion. The...

190,41 €
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